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Mal de debarquement syndrome being treated with whole body posterior translation and passive gaze stabilization utilizing the vestibular ocular reflex.

A leading explanation for mal de debarquement is that the problem is not in the inner ear but rather in the brain.This explanation is based upon studies which have demonstrated changes in the brain metabolism and functional brain connections of those individuals who have the disorder. Because of these changes, the brain is able to adapt to an unfamiliar movement but is unable to readapt once the movement has stopped.
Solving the puzzle of where connections in the brain break down to create a complex phenomenology is what makes clinical neuroscience so fascinating! #gabellabrainandspineclinic #eyemovement #neuroplasticity #braininjury #brainpower

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Gabella Brain Center shared Karen Mathiak's photo. ...

Hampton, Henry county....early voting today at FORTSON LIBRARY..7am to 7pm!!!!! VOTE KAREN MATHIAK, HOUSE REP. DIST 73!!!

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#sportsperformance #concussion #neuromodulation #brainhealth #neurorehab brain rehabilitation and treatment outside the clinic setting and in each athlete's sport. An athlete's brain function is markedly different than the average person. Often times an injured brain can use compensation mechanisms to take up the slack of damaged brain structures. Athletes are a great example of needing higher physical demands to be sure all neurological function performs perfect even under high intensity. ...

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