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Anti-Aging Microcurrent Facials

Anti-Aging Microcurrent Facials

Instant Face Lift with Long Lasting Results

Anti-aging Microcurrent facials are a powerful treatment that promotes deep tissue healing, new cell growth, and increased facial muscle tone to permanently reverse the signs of aging.  You can see a 5-7 year reduction in facial aging after just one treatment. A series of microcurrent facials can take 15-20 years off your appearance, with no risks or side effects, and results are long lasting.

  • Improve skin quality (greater tone, smoother texture, healthier glow)
  • Lift jaw line and eyebrows
  • Exfoliate skin and stimulate new cell growth
  • Treat sun damage and scars
  • Reduce wrinkles and eliminate fine lines
  • Reduce dark circles and eye bags
  • Decrease low-grade inflammation
  • Help treat acne and rosacea
  • Promote lymphatic drainage
  • Increase skin care product penetration
  • Preventative measure against Botox, fillers and face lifts

Microcurrent electrical stimulation is used to treat an array of injuries, wounds, soft tissue damage and bone fractures. Scientists have found that microcurrent treatments trigger the body’s production of amino acids and adenosine triphosphste (ATP), which accelerate cell repair and promote healthier cell production, making it a highly-healing, restorative and regenerative treatment.

It’s fitness for your face. Microcurrent facials are considered a form of muscular re-education for the face. Thirty two different facial muscles are manipulated during a microcurrent facial. To perform the muscular re-education, probes are placed on the skin and used to physically move the muscles into the desired position. The treatment affords the muscles the necessary energy to keep tension in their new improved position. The high frequency electrical signals reach deep into the facial muscles and surrounding tissues to promote circulation, collagen production, cellular repair and regeneration.

Compliments and replaces Botox. Greater for anyone looking to weaven themselves off Botox and fillers. If you already get botox or fillers, microcurrent is the perfect complement. Fillers give a quick “plumping” effect, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but the results are only temporary and soon you skins integrity is worse off. Botox does nothing for muscle contour or natural collagen or elastin production. Muscle tone and Collagen are necessary to maintain the face’s natural fullness and obtain long term Anti-aging benefits. Over time, Botox actually causes atrophy to the facial muscles. Regular microcurrent treatments help keep those muscles alive and firm.

The Science Behind Microcurrent Facials

Microcurrent electrical stimulation provided a facial rejuvenation system which stimulates and tones the muscles of the face and neck in order to permanently reduce the signs of aging. This treatment also improves the overall health, color, and texture of the skin, resulting in a more youthful, “lifted” face.

The effective frequency range for facial toning is 1-100 Hz. Within this range, there is an excitation of the motor nerves which leads to muscular re- education with proper technique. The placement of probes and movement determines whether the muscle will be relaxed (lengthened) or tightened (shortened).

Microcurrent electrical stimulation systematically reduces the signs of aging by maintaining or increasing muscle tone in three ways: muscle re-education via a cerebral effect, circulation, and increased cellular function. During a session, the user isolates approximately 30 muscles of the face and stimulates the muscle fibers with microcurrent impulses to restore proper tone to the facial muscles. The skin of the face and neck are the only area of the body where skin is directly attached to muscles. As the muscles lengthen or contract with age, signs of aging will appear here first. With microcurrent impulses, the muscles can be either relaxed or tightened depending on the desired outcome. As the muscles are re- educated and move to the proper location, the skin moves with them, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

The cerebral effect occurs in part because microcurrent mimics the body’s own electrical impulses. As people age, the brain’s ability to “sense” a muscle’s condition is dulled, while its ability to initiate neural impulses is slowed and diminished because of changes in the peripheral nervous system. The brain uses specialized proprioceptors called the Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO) to gather information about the facial muscles and help decide whether or not to initiate neural impulses to contract muscles, relax muscles, or just maintain tonus in them.

By stimulating the facial muscles, microcurrent rebuilds the facial structure from the inside, truly giving the face a non-invasive “lift.” Although results can be noticeable after several treatments, we recommend a tapered 6-8 week treatment plan to allow for the optimal cumulative cerebral and positive skin effects to take place.   As the brain “remembers” to send more signals, the effect of microcurrent is tone muscle memory which is long lasting, while the increased collagen and elastin growth takes time to achieve desired result

Microcurrent increases cellular metabolism, as well, to enhance healing and hydration and increase the latent tissue repair that is cumulative. The mechanism at the core of this process is an increase of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in the mitochondria, caused by a chemical reaction stimulated by the microcurrent at a cellular level. In the right current range, a threefold to fivefold increase was seen in clinical studies. ATP is referred to as the “energy of life,” and such a massive production and cumulative stockpiling over multiple treatments has profound effects on the skin and muscles of the skin. Increasing cellular metabolism in the area treated and directly stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, leads to a plumping effect of the skin as well as improvement in skin elasticity and texture. Furthermore, muscles are provided with the energy and nutrients needed to maintain tonus in the desired “re- educated” location.

What does the scientific research tell us about Microcurrent Facials?

The landmark study by N Cheng in 1982 found that microcurrent stimulation increased the production of ATP in the mitochondria of the cells by 300 to 500 percent, as well as increasing protein synthesis by 50 percent and the uptake α-aminoisobutyric acid by 90 percent, which facilitates amino acid transport in and out of the cells. This also speeds up cellular metabolism exactly where the current is applied and gives the cells more energy to facilitate detoxification and production of collagen and proteins, including elastin.

In regards to the Cheng study, it is important to note that with applied electrical currents exceeding 1,000µA, the ATP concentration leveled, and at 5,000µA they plummeted below the baseline. Protein synthesis also dropped 50 percent at these levels. This is significant because some hand-held units, and cheap “professional” units, on the market operate at these higher current levels. They will often cause visible contractions and provide an “instant tone,” but the cumulative effect will leave the skin and muscles of the face depleted of ATP, therefore not able to hold the desired tonus. It is imperative that the application of Microcurrent stimulation on the face is carried out by a medical professional so that the proper current level is selected, insuring positive outcomes. So, the muscles are gently re-educated into proper position, and the brain maps of our face are activated for somatotopic accuracy and updated control over facial muscles. When the brain has an accurate somatotopic map of a body part then the health, cellular integrity, and blood supply to that body part is properly maintained. When applied properly, the cumulative anti-aging effects of Microcurrent stimulation is dramatic and long lasting.

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